Atins Sustentável is a non profit association, founded by residents and businessmen of Atins and Santo Inácio. We are an heterogeneous group of people, from local origin and from different parts of the world, each with her and his different life stories and experiences but all of us with a common dream: to make Atins a better place for everyone, promoting and fostering a sustainable tourism and the preservation of the natural and human resources of the region.

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The region represents a unique heritage of natural wonder, joined by traditional fishing communities and great craftsmen. In recent times more and more people from all around the chose to visit Atins. As a consequence, the region is undergoing rapid and unplanned development tourism.

Hence the need to unite the various factions in the community and, with the support of public and private institutions, to come together and preserve the identity of the place, its traditions and nature.

Our aims

We believe that true progress can only be viewed as such if it is sustainable, considering  environmental impact and generating opportunities for the community at large as well as future generations.

– We aim to contribute to the social, cultural and economic development of the region by improving the quality of life for everyone while preserving the environment;

– We aim to develop an environmentally responsible, fair and conscious society in which the different human activities take place in harmony with nature;

– We aim to foster a spirit of cooperation amongst our members as well as with other like-minded associations, seeking the integration between natives and migrants, based on the values of equality, justice, environmental and cultural preservation.

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How we work

We have a lot of work on our plate, big challenges lie ahead! So we all need to work together. To cope we are organizing our workflow in an efficient and timely manner to take decisions, plan, approve and execute projects, meet our commitments, and maintain respect, transparency, responsibility, solidarity, teamwork and environmental awareness.


The association works with economic contributions from members, donations and grants from public or private institutions. All our members’ work is voluntary.

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Want to join?

If you, as an individual or registered company, own or develop any tourism related activity in Atins or Santo Inácio, you are welcome to join this association, provided, of course, you share into the rules, principles, and values of Atins Sustentável.

You are not a member, but want to help? No problem, we value any help we can get! To preserve Atins as the magical and special place it is today, we all have to pull together.


As an association Atins Sustentável is committed to work in a transparent manner. Our constitution can be found here:

Constitution Atins Sustentável

Board of Directors

The board of directors of Atins Sustentável consists of:




Vice Secretary: FEDERICO GIGLI